Title: Creative Writing Dystopia. Final Copy.

Beneath a thick layer of mist, an old bridge stood towering above a large mass of water which flowed beyond my vision, grey and dull from years of damage. I approached the bridge swiftly beneath the lurking eyes of the guards, being careful not to make a noise. My feet brushed lightly against the weak, cracked concrete of the bridge, which felt like it would cave in without a moments notice – but still, I kept walking.  I looked out over the horizon, my eyes following the flow of the river. Stars scattered the heavens, illuminating the night sky, which stretched like a dome over the city of lights. I began to haul my figure upon the smooth sides, my hand grasping the cold, hard steel, which served as a remembrance to the bitter reality of the world. Blistering gusts of wind whipped across the sharp edges of my face, sending long raven curls rushing behind my neck.

A figure emerged through the darkness that surrounded me. Skeletal, white hands just visible beneath a tattered black coat grasped the back of my neck, the cold embrace sent shivers running down my spine as I fell towards the surface of the ocean, my screams piercing the air. In just one minute my body would collide with the water’s surface as I met my watery grave. But now my hair whipped up like a ribbon, my blue silk dress, the colour of a midnight sky, clung tightly to my figure as the wind raced beneath me. If I didn’t die instantly from the impact, then I would have faced the unforgivable waters of the river as my body plummeted beneath the surface. As I flew closer, the water almost looked beautiful, like a wall of blue satin threaded with silver but of course, I knew what lurked beneath.

Darkness encased me as I plunged below the surface, water closing in all around my body, filling me with a deep dread. I didn’t want to die like this, but it was too hard to fight the force of the current, pushing further beneath the indigo waters and dragging me closer to the underwater graveyard which would be my burial ground. Slowly I merely let the darkness consume me and slipped soundlessly beneath the lapping waves.

I slowly begin to pry my eyelids open, my eyes take in every ray of light, and without a doubt, I know I have slept too long. My heart is pounding, mind racing, every thought in high-definition. As I adjust to my surroundings, I find myself enclosed by four familiar white walls, beneath the thin tarnished layers of old cotton sheets, dressed in a simple white hospital gown. Sweet, metallic pungency drafts through the air, making my nostrils burn with the scent of dried blood. White patches encircle my vision as I abruptly sit up, my hand gripping the hard edges of the bed frame to keep my balance. An IV stood to the left of my bed, containing traces of unfamiliar blue liquid that slowly emptied through a small plastic tube inserted into my arm, most likely a sedative. I yank off the plastic sticker connected to my arm and drop it to the floor, blue fluid leaking slowly onto the ground.

I began to ease myself upon my feet, every bone in my body aching, with an unpleasant warmth to it, merciless without escape. Hunger claws at me from inside my stomach and the need for food has never been so great. There is no escaping this time; I thought to my self while glancing around at my surroundings.  Surrounded by walls, there was nothing to do but stare at them. To look at the paint that had started to chip off as the years passed by – anything to pass the time, slowly going mad and wondering what would become of me while theorising impossible meanings from the wall’s blank stare.

A beep sounds from the outside of my room; someone enters through the starch white door and footsteps approach me. I don’t dare meet their eyes and instead bury my head further into the crook in my knees, for I already know who it is. I can feel her cold glare penetrating through me, expecting a response that I refuse to give. Without warning, she digs her sharp index finger into my chin and snaps my head up to meet her icy blue eyes. She screams my name, but it all just sounds like white noise to me. Tears creep their way down the curves of my face while I stare blatantly at the walls, my eyes becoming more swollen as the minutes pass and I desperately try to block out her threats.  

She eventually steps aside to allow a man dressed in standard blue hospital scrubs to pass through, his features unrecognisable beneath the weight of my new shed tears. I barely notice the burning sensation in my right arm as a needle is pressed lightly into my bare flesh. My vision blurred, not from the tears welling up in the corners of my eyes, but from the effects of the sedative only moments after it was administered. My consciousness was floating through an empty space filled with thick static. Throughout the inky place, my heartbeats pounded loudly, echoing in my ears, alongside fading pleas for help. Feeling in my body slowly drained away until finally, all was black. 

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