Romeo and Juliet Project planning.

Romeo and Juliet project planning


WRITE: Semantic field, Scene summary

Semantic field Ideas: Shakespeare uses many pieces of figurative language in his plays, he uses metaphors to construct semantic fields in Romeo and Juliet, making it seem that the characters are directed by fate.

Language Devices
  • Personification: In Lines 96 and 103 Mercutio personifies dreams. He does this by explaining to Romeo that you are free to make your own decisions in life and that dreams are just the children of an idle brain and that they are nothing but his imagination  “Which are the children of an idle brain Begot of nothing but vain fantasy”. This line is basically saying that dreams are nothing but what our own minds create and that we can always decide what we want to do in our own life. Mercutio is referring to free will in describing dreams as children, he is explaining to Romeo that most children have dreams of what they hope life will be like but sometimes they don’t come true.
  • Metaphors:
  • Scene summary Ideas:


CREATE: Make a prop, Design a set

Make a prop Ideas:

Design a set Ideas:

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