Romeo and Juliet – Act 4, Scene 4 – Scene Summary

Romeo and Juliet

Act 4, Scene 4

Scene Summary

Characters: Capulet, Nurse, Servingmen, Lady Capulet

Time: Three o’clock in the morning, Wednesday

Location: Capulets house

Scene Summary: Very early in the morning on Wednesday, Capulet is rushing the servants to make preparations for Juliet’s wedding later in the day. Capulet sends the Nurse to awaken Juliet. The bride-groom, Paris has arrived to claim his bride, he has brought musicians with him to wake up Juliet so that she can accompany him to Friar Lawrence’s cell. Juliet and Paris’s wedding has become a grand occasion in sixteenth-century England.

Quote: Capulet “Mass, and well said. A merry whoreson, ha! Thou shalt be loggerhead.—Good faith, ’tis day. The county will be here with music straight, For so he said he would. I hear him near”.

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