27th July 2018

Draft copy


Beneath a bleak concrete bridge, steel-blue waters roared against the cliffs, plunging down into the darkness. Blistering winds whipped against jagged cliffs which seemed to lead for thousandths of miles. Across the bridge, there was nothing but a towering structure that spiralled into the clouds. Guards in their all-black attire patrolled the territory, continually looking for any breach to the system, searching for any soul who may escape. The night was still young, clear, not a cloud in the star-filled sky. The sounds of the city’s inhabitants were beginning to die down as a girl fell toward the waters, her screams piercing the air. In just one minute her body would collide with the rivers of the east end barrier as she met her watery grave. But now her hair whipped behind her like a golden ribbon, her blue silk dress, the colour of a midnight sky, clung tightly to her figure as the wind raced below her. If she didn’t die instantly from the impact, then she inevitably would have faced insufferable frigid waters as her body plummeted beneath the surface. As she flew closer, the water almost looked beautiful to her, like a wall of blue satin threaded with silver but of course, she knew what lurked beneath. Her figure slid beneath the surface as the darkness encased her. Water closed in around her, filling her with a deep dread. She didn’t want to die like this, but it was too hard to fight the force of the current, pushing her further beneath the indigo waters and dragging her closer to the underwater graveyard which would be her burial ground. Slowly she simply let the darkness consume her and slipped soundlessly beneath the lapping waves.

I woke up surrounded by four white walls, beneath the thin tarnished layers of cotton sheets, slightly rough against my feet. Sweet, metallic pungency drafts through the air, making my surroundings smell of dried blood. White patches dotted my vision as I abruptly stood up, my hand gripping the cold steel of my bedframe. An IV stood beside my bed, containing unfamiliar traces of blue liquid that slowly emptied through a small plastic tube inserted into the flesh of my arm.


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