How does Luc Besson use cinematographic techniques to control the audience’s perception of key characters? You can make reference to camera angles, shots, movements, symbolism and the mis en scene.

Shot 1: Mid shot, Waiter, Level angle, Zoom  Shot 2: Long shot, auditorium, Over the shoulder shot, No camera Movement  Shot 3: Mid shot, Corbin Dallas, Level angle, Zoom  Shot 4:  Long shot, stage, Level angle, No Camera Movement  Shot 5: Over the shoulder shot, Auditorium, Level angle, No Camera Movement  Shot 6: Mid shot, […]

Beneath a thick layer of mist, an old bridge stood towering above a large mass of water which flowed beyond my vision, grey and dull from years of damage. I approached the bridge swiftly beneath the lurking eyes of the guards, being careful not to make a noise. My feet brushed lightly against the weak, […]

My eyes flutter at the sight of this smoking hot sealord can. – Lucia As you slide open the lid you hear the crisp sound of metal breaking This fish killing machine is round and metallic but sharp to the touch This nutrient filled award-winning wonder has flavours unimaginable as you sip up the contents of this joyful […]

Key events that happen in the morning. 1: My alarm goes off. At the early hour of six o’clock in the morning, I hear the irritating sound of my alarm going off 2: I get out of my bed. I get out of bed to feel the cold touch of my bedframe. 3: I take […]

  Homework should be banned Negative Team line: Homework should not be banned, just set properly Say about 20 mins each day is good Keep saying that you can’t succeed in life without doing homework REBUT EVERYTHING THEY SAY The Reasons Why Homework Should Not Be Banned Quotes […]

      Scene 1, Act 1 Setting: The Maxwell nightclub, New York City. FRANCESCO and GREGORIO, members of the De La Cruz street mob enter the Maxwell nightclub carrying knives and firearms. FRANCESCO Gregorio, I tell you, I’m ready for them. Let a Coveney so much as step foot in the bar tonight, and […]

LADY CAPULET and the NURSE enter. LADY CAPULET Nurse, where’s my daughter? Tell her to come to me. I must speak with her. NURSE I swear to you by my virginity at age twelve, I already told her to see you. Come on! Where is Juliet? What is she doing? Why here she is now! […]

How does Baz Luhrmann keep the spirit of Shakespearian theatre alive in his interpretation of Romeo and Juliet?   Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s play, Romeo + Juliet, posses an extensive range of techniques to communicate the spirit of Elizabethan theatre in contemporary society. Modern elements include contemporary slang and soundtrack, modernized aspects of fate, language […]

Dialogue: Baz Luhrmann kept the Shakespearian theatre alive in his interpretation by using the original Romeo and Juliet script in a modern-day version of the setting Fate: Baz Luhrmann uses the idea of fate in his interpretation by Religion: There are many references to religion in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Tybalt are seen with […]